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Dr Mike Thomas - Specialist Pain Medicine Physician


Dr Michael Thomas MBSc MBBS (hons) FANZCA FFPM(ANZCA) is a Hobart based Specialist Pain Medicine Physician with specialist experience both interstate and overseas.  He has a background in anaesthetics and now exclusively practices pain medicine.


His evidenced based approach is to work with patients to minimise the control that pain can have over their life and increase their function.


The initial appointment requires a referral from your GP. 


It includes a detailed conversation around your pain experience and understanding of your pain, a gentle examination and discussion around any relevant investigations that have already been done. 


Following this, you and Dr Thomas can work out a management plan together involving helpful lifestyle changes that you are ready to make as well as a discussion around rationalisation of medications, further investigations if required and the procedures that Dr Thomas may be able to help you with. 


Where indicated, Dr Thomas is able to do these procedures that may help with headache, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, painful fingers and feet as well as the sensory peripheral nerves and other pains.  His low risk procedures are well tolerated and do not require sedation or a general anaesthetic. 


Review appointments in person or by telehealth can be made online on the clinic website.

Book an Online Appointment With Dr Thomas Now:
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