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David Webby - Podiatrist


David has been practicing as a Podiatrist since graduating from University of South Australia in 1995. Since then David has worked in Queensland, where he ran his own Podiatry practice for 17 years. After a sojourn of several months travel, both in Australia and overseas, David and his wife Victoria, were ready for a tree change, and what better place than the earthy atmosphere of Tasmania, so he joined Daniel Lewis Podiatry in early 2017.

Over the years David has developed many Podiatry skills and has really enjoyed the opportunity to help others with their feet. During his career David has treated many conditions. It is common for people who can’t reach their feet to have a Podiatrist attend their nails. But the nails can develop unpleasant conditions such as fungal infections and in-grown toe nails, which require professional care. Skin conditions such as corns, calluses, and cracked heels are also common conditions that Podiatrists attend to. ‘We treat these conditions everyday and with skill and the right instrument we can alleviate the problem quickly and effortlessly’. David also helps people suffering from foot conditions related to Diabetes and other medical conditions. Education and awareness are key factors to help people learn to cope with Diabetes. A change in footwear and soft Orthotics can also make a difference. Podiatrists aren’t just limited to these common conditions but have become experts in diagnosing and treating aliments manifesting with symptoms of foot, heel or knee pain. Alignment and biomechanical issues can be the underlying cause associated with painful symptoms. With experience, knowledge, and a comprehensive assessment, a great treatment plan can be implemented to ensure the best outcome. 

David’s professional skills include a background in Aged Care, Massage and Holistic medicine, including reflexology, and acupuncture. He has also developed an interest in the welfare of others less fortunate and was instrumental in organising a ‘Footcare project’ in Peru in 2010, and again in 2015. 

David also has personal interests in bush walking, photography and travel. He is outgoing, friendly and embraces his new community in Hobart and the surrounding areas.

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