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Maree Graham - Podiatrist

Maree has the honour of being the first podiatrist to employ Daniel in her clinic upon his graduation. It's a delightful twist of fate that she now collaborates with him in his practice, alongside the remarkable Podiatry team, as an independent contractor. With extensive experience, Maree graduated in Queensland with honors in Podiatry. Along her journey, she also earned additional qualifications in Remedial Massage and Body Therapies.


Maree genuinely cares about her patients and will always treat you with respect, readily discussing all your foot and lower limb care options.  Her goal is to educate and work with patients on both the complaint and the treatment possibilities. This enables working together to implement a treatment program that addresses patient goals and needs. The longer consultations, that Kingston Beach Health Centre offers, facilitate the comprehensive assessment that underlies Maree’s method.


Beyond the clinic, Maree's interests are as diverse as her professional expertise. She's an enthusiast of travel, bushwalks, mountain biking, belly dancing, traditional dance, gym workouts, paddleboarding, and yoga. In her free time, she even takes on the occasional renovation project. Maree is a strong advocate for continuous professional development, recognizing its significance in delivering the best outcomes for her patients. She has a particular passion for healthy aging, maintaining mobility as individuals grow older, and managing diabetes. Her personal experience and engagement in various activities provide her with valuable insights into how to preserve mobility through these pursuits.


Maree eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with you, taking immense pride in consistently delivering her very best care.


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