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Foot Massage
Jayne Barrelle - Footcare Registered Nurse

Introducing Jayne Barrelle, our Footcare Nurse. With over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, Jayne has excelled in various roles, including specialised footcare positions within Residential Aged Care Facilities and delivering home visit services to the community. Her unwavering commitment to patient care and infection control is evident, underpinned by a wealth of knowledge spanning wound management, diabetes education, and more.


Jayne brings a unique blend of clinical proficiency and compassionate care to our footcare team. She is available for general footcare appointments, focusing on low-risk feet. Jayne's consultations encompass a comprehensive range of services, including thorough foot assessments, toenail trimming, corn and callous removal, fine blade debridement, ulcer/wound care, verruca treatment, foot health education, and foot massages.


In addition to clinic-based services, Jayne extends her expertise with home visits to local residents. To arrange a home visit appointment, please contact the reception at 62299844. 


Clients with home care packages or Plan Managed NDIS participants can conveniently include appointments with our footcare nurse, provided they obtain prior approval from their package provider. Please be aware that rebates through Private Health funds, DVA, and Medicare Care Plans are not applicable for Footcare Nurse appointments. Jayne eagerly anticipates delivering exceptional footcare tailored to your needs, whether at our clinic or in the comfort of your home.


Book an Online Appointment With Jayne Now:
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